Parent Appreciation – June 27th

In APPRECIATION  for your hard-work & dedication, the Hazel Green Lady Trojans coaching staff will be having a Cook-Out For  All Lady Trojan Parents, Monday June 27, 2016 at 6:00pm at Hazel Green High School gym.
Bring the entire family to this event and let the coaches celebrate your dedication to the Lady Trojans program.
Thanks In Advance
Lady Trojans Coaching Staff
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NOTE: Updated Montgomery Schedule – June 18th

Montgomery Play Day – most recent schedule


Spectator admission $5; kids 6 & under are FREE

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Montgomery Play Day Schedule – Saturday June 18th

Montgomery Play Day


Spectator admission $5; kids 6 & under are FREE


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Jemison High Lady Jags Play Day – June 21st

Jemison High Lady Jags – June 21st Play Date

Located at Columbia High

MAIN GYM                                                                                    AUX GYM

8:30 HUNTSVILLE VS JAMES CLEMENS                                   8:30 Jemison JV vs Huntsville JV

9:30 HAZEL GREEN VS MUSCLE SHOALS                              9:15 James Clemens JV vs Hazel Green JV

10:30 JEMISON VS JOHN CARROL                                             10:00 Grissom JV vs Muscle Shoals JV

11:30 FLORENCE VS MUSCLE SHOALS                                     10:45 Hazel Green JV vs Florence JV

12:30 JAMES CLEMENS VS GRISSOM                                        11:30 Huntsville JV vs Grissom JV

1:30 JEMISON VS MUSCLE SHOALS                                          12:15 Muscle Shoals JV vs James Clemens JV

2:30 JOHN CARROL VS HAZEL GREEN                                   1:00 FLORENCE VS HUNTSVILLE

3:30 COLUMBIA VS JOHN CARROL                                            2:00 Florence JV vs Jemison JV

4:30 COLUMBIA VS FLORENCE                                                   3:00 GRISSOM VS HUNTSVILLE

5:30 JEMISON VS GRISSOM                                                         4:00 JAMES CLEMENS VS HAZEL GREEN


*Team listed first will wear Home White

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Hartselle High School Play Day – June 6th


TIME        HIGH SCHOOL GYM                                          TIME        AUXILIARY GYM

11:00 am    Hartselle – Hazel Green (vg)                          12:00 pm    Austin – Athens (jvg)

11:55 am    Hartselle – Hazel Green (jvg)                          12:45 pm    Austin – Athens (vg)

12:40 pm    Hazel Green – Deshler (vg)                             01:40 pm    Austin – Hazel Green (jvg)

01:35 pm    Deshler – Athens (jvg)                                     02:25 pm    Austin – Hazel Green (vg)

02:20 pm    Deshler – Athens (vg)

03:15 pm    Hartselle – Deshler (jvg)

04:00 pm    Hartselle – Deshler (vg)




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UPDATED Hoover Lady Bucks Play Day – June 17

The schedule is below:

2016 Hoover Lady Bucs Play Day 

Admission:  $5 for FANs; 8 & under is FREE


Main Gym 

P. E. Gym 

  HOME (White)  AWAY (Dark)  HOME (White)  AWAY (Dark) 
9:00 am  Hoover Shades Valley Ramsay JV Spain Park JV
10:00 am  Hazel Green Midfield Hoover JV Hazel Green JV
11:00 am  Spain Park Madison Academy

Hoover FR

Spain Park JV
12:00 pm  Spain Park Hazel Green Ramsay JV Hazel Green JV
1:00 pm  Hoover Madison Academy Hoover JV Spain Park JV
2:00 pm  Hazel Green Shades Valley

Hoover FR

Ramsay JV
3:00 pm  Hazel Green Madison Academy Spain Park JV Hazel Green JV
4:00 pm  Spain Park Midfield —— ——
5:00 pm  Spain Park Shades Valley —— ——
6:00 pm  Hoover Midfield —— ——
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Spain Park Play Day – June 16th

The schedule is below:

Spain Park Play Day

Admission: $5 for spectators


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HGHS June 7th Play Day Schedule

                                   NEW GYM                                               AUX GYM  
8:30AM        HG jv vs Meridianville                       MA jv vs Jemison jv    8:30AM
9:15AM         HG  jv vs Lee jv                                  Meridianville vs Jemison jv    9:15AM
10:00AM      HG vs Selma                                       MA vs Jemison    10:00AM
11:00AM      Spain Park vs Center Point               Gadsden City vs Hoover    11:00AM
12:00PM      HG vs Scottsboro                                Jemison vs Selma    12:00PM
1:00PM        MA vs Center Point                            Spain Park vs Gadsden City    1:00PM
2:00PM        Selma vs Hoover                                 Scottsboro vs Jemison    2:00PM
3:00PM        Selma vs Spain Park                           Gadsden City vs MA    3:00PM
4:00PM        HG vs Center Point                             Hoover vs Scottsboro    4:00PM
5:00PM        HG vs Gadsden City                            Spain Park vs Jemison    5:00PM
6:00PM        HG vs Hoover                                       Center Point vs Scottsboro    6:00PM


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Summer Play Days

Mark your Calendars!!

June 6 — Hartselle

June 7 — Hazel Green Play Day

NOTE:  We’ll need concession coverage and 1 concession item.  Look for online sign-up form invitation in your email.

June 9-11 — AHSAA Officials camp at Hazel Green

NOTE:  We’ll need concession coverage, 1 case of water and item for concession stand,  $30 per player for the AHSAA Officials Camp.  Look for online sign-up form invitation in your email.

DUE May 31st. 

***June 13 — Brewer  *** Recently added

June 16 — Spain Park Play Day — ($150 per player for two day stay in B’ham) 

DUE June 13th.

June 17 — Hoover Play Day

June 18 — Wallace State Play Day — VARSITY ONLY ($55 for two days…June 18th & 22nd) 

DUE at the play day.

June 21 — Jemison Play Day

June 22 — Wallace State Play Day — VARSITY ONLY


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Headed to Gadston State — Congratulations to KeKe Jones!!


Photography by Jeff Hall


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